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Residential and commercial landscaping transforms property from dull and rugged into fantastic beauty. Landscaping reflects personal taste. An area may transform to open and inviting or private and cozy. Landscaping looks structured and formal or casual. A small area may look large and large areas look balanced. Professional landscaping in Cumming, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Johns Creek and Roswell, Georgia, creates focal points that delight the senses.

Flowers, trees, shrubs and sod are carefully selected for the climate and ease of care. Native plants attract birds, butterflies and other beautiful wildlife. Plants are chosen for their textures, shapes and colors. The dimensions of a mature plant are taken into consideration. The entire property looks coordinated and balanced.

Slopes are managed effortlessly. Stationary elements including grading, stone work, ponds and waterfalls gracefully stand out in a residential or commercial landscape.

Outdoor lighting is more than a safety feature that illuminates walkways, entryways and ponds. Outdoor lighting extends the use of the property until after dark so adults can relax and children play. Good lighting prevents accidents and deters intruders.

Outdoor lighting is beautiful, economical and creates drama. Lights come in several colors. Residential or commercial architectural features are highlighted. Single features like one tree branch or several special features can be lighted from below. Beams of light may be directed down. Backlighting creates interesting shadows. Strategic lighting is stunning in a residential or commercial landscape.

A neglected landscape my eventually become overgrown and look outdated. Professional landscaping in Cumming, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Johns Creek and Roswell provide routine maintenance services. Weeds are kept in control, and pruning keeps plants healthy. Mulching, overseeding and aeration lead to color and interest throughout every season. Clean ups are included.

Irrigation systems are installed for proper drainage. Water is redirected away from foundations and from low ground. Foundations are protected from structural damage and plants are kept healthy. Systems are designed with precision to conserve resources.

Sod and seeds are installed for a year round lush and vibrant appearance to a lawn. Varieties thrive in the shade or full sun. The proper amount of professional grade fertilizer is safely applied at the right time.

Parks, shopping centers, housing units, churches and industrial centers take on added sophistication and value with professional landscaping.

Commercial landscaping professionals have the equipment, experience, knowledge and training to transform any area, large or small. Professional landscaping in Cumming, Alpharetta, Suwanee, Johns Creek and Roswell transforms property into works of art that are noticed and admired.

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Professional Landscaping

  • Weekly Service
  • Weed Control
  • Fertilization
  • Pruning
  • Annual Color
  • Pine Straw / Mulching
  • Irrigation Maintenance
  • Aeration and Overseeding
  • Clean Ups

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