Weed Control

Our team applies the right product, at the right time, in the right amount to target weeds. Our knowledge and skill will kill the weeds and leave your grass, flowers, shrubs, and trees healthy and unharmed.

Lawn Disease Control

Lawn diseases are visible in your yard, whether it be a brown patch or a circle spot. However, some are difficult to diagnose. Which is why our professionals are perfect for the job.

Dallisgrass Control

Dallisgrass is difficult to control. The best way to kill dallisgrass is a three-step process, which includes lawn health, pre-emergent, and post-emergent attacks.

Lawn Seeding

Our professional lawn seeding service is essential for the health of your lawn. We use lawn seeding to repair or renovate your lawn. We help keep the seed and loose soil from washing or blowing away.

Prevent White Grubs

White grubs are one of the most destructive insect pests of turfgrass. Turf becomes damaged once the grubs chew off the grass roots that are just below the soil surface.

Nutsedge Control

Nutsedge is tough to control because it grows from tiny tubers, or nutlets, that form into roots, which can grow 8-14 inches deep in soil. Pulling out the roots and some tubers will stay behind to grow.

Lawn Fertilization

With our services, we treat your yard with fertilization each season to ensure the health and development of your yard. Fall and winter are crucial months for application.

Surface Insect Control

Surface feeding insects have mighty big appetites and can cause serious harm to your yard. Although these bugs are small, with the strength in numbers, the damage they do is obvious.

Bermuda Grass Control

Common bermuda grass often infiltrates lawns of other grass species. This can be bad, good or indifferent for different situations. Our team can help you turn bermuda grass into a great thing.

Crab Grass Control

Crabgrass is tough aggressive, and it thrives on the weak areas of your yard. lawns that are dried out and already in poor condition are an invitation for crabgrass.

Flea & Tick Control

Our professionals are certified to protect your home by establishing a barrier of perimeter treatment. We can also remove the migration zones from your yard by eliminating hiding places for fleas & ticks.

Fire Ant Management

Fire Ants create more than an unsightly mound in your yard, they also cause extensive damage. Ridding your yard of these pesky bugs is vital, not only for visual appeal, but for safety too.

Soil pH Testing

USA Land Care provides soil pH testing to measure the acidity and alkalinity of the soil before determining which health program your yard needs.

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